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About Nami Island  

     Nami Island is situated at 63 km along the north of the Han River. The island looks like a leaf floating gracefully on top of the Cheong Pyong Lake. The island has an area of 400,000m and circumference of 6 km. It is formed with pebbles and sand. There are no mountains in the island. There are trees tall enough to touch the sky and gardens where deer, ostriches, rabbits, squirrels and countless types of birds live together to provide a place where man and nature can coexist.

     The Nami Island was named after General Nami , a brave name from the Korean history who courageously fought in battles and died at the age of 27. In 1965, thousands of trees were planted by the hands of Mr. Byong-Do Min. The rain used to transform this place into an island. It is a land of songs and fairytales. The shape that is has now has been kept since the construction of the Cheong-Pyong dam.

     The Nami Island today provides a warm place to rest, where people can take heavy loads off their shoulders. Man, animals and trees share peace, love and harmony far away from the crowded civilization. The starry nights in Nami Island is a reminiscent of love. As the glittering stars wander across the moonlit skies. The love sonata flows gracefully inside the Nami Island.

     Nami Island become famous after the shooting points of Korean Drama "Winter Sonata". Let's enjoy the below picture.




sScenery in Nami Island         

The entrance of Nami Island

The Nami Island


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