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Jeju Island is one of the most beautiful islands in East Asia is located just one hour by air from Seoul, capital of Republic of Korea. The island is 73 km from west to east and 31 km from north to south, with a coast line of 254 km. The shape of the island is oval and long diameter of 74 km and short diameter of 32Km and located between 126¢ª09´and 126¢ª58´E,and between 33¢ª06´and 34¢ª00´N. It was formed
 by volcanic eruption and consist of 360 small valcanoes. Moutain Halla 1950m high at the center of the island, is an extinct volcano with volcanic lake at its summit.                


Volcano Fountain" Show--- Show symbolically introduces the volcano formation on Jeju Island. Spectacular show with colorful rays, fountains, fire and holograms


Manjang Cave---With a total length of 13.422 m, it is the longest lava cave in the world. It is Natural Monument No. 98, 1 km of the cave is open for visitors.

Submarine tour--- Especially designed for the sightseers , the submarine will take you to a depth of 30 m. You will explore the world of soft corals and colorful fish all amid a fantastic underwater landscape near Munsom Islet.


Teddy Bear Museum ---The museum has collection of Teddy bears of various countries and times, which is always interesting to children. Museum's building is made in the form of a glass cone with 2 floors of expositions and a coffee-shop and souvenir shop.

Folk villages---There are several folk villages on Jeju. In "Songup" Folk Village local people still live in traditional houses of stone and thatched roof. Here you can go into the house yard, look into the house inside, take pictures with traditional jars in the back and buy products of traditional medicine and honey. Another 2 big folk villages - in Phyoson and in Chungmun are more like museums.

Botanic Garden "Yomiji"--- Big indoor botanic garden with halls of cactuses, tropical fruits, flowers, water lilies, jungles - total 2000 species of rare plants and 1700 species of flowers and trees. There are also open gardens in Japanese, Italian, French and Korean styles.


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