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Everland, located in Yongin in Korea is a huge theme park, which includes a zoo, snow sledding, and botanical garden.  Everland has three distinct themes, Festival World, Caribbean Bay, and Speedway.  Festival World has a global fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Equatorial Adventure.  Each was built with itís own uniqueness and style.  Caribbean Bay is the very first water park in Korea.  Its main feature is the wave pool, and many people come here in the summer just to ride those waves.  Speedway is also the very first of its kind in Korea. Car racers can practice here, and it is also training spot for learning about the automobile culture.  The entire course measures 2.225 km.  The average width of the track is 11m.  The straight distance of the area is 450 meters, the road is covered with asphalt, and it can accommodate about 35,000 spectators.  Everland also features the Glen Ross Golf Club, Automobile Museum, Sportspark, and Hoam Art Gallery.      

Scenery in Everland:

Safari World----The only safari complex in the whole world where lions and tigers coexist. The baby of the lion and tiger is called "lioger". "lio" stand for lion while "ger" stand for tigress. However, the are only about two liogers in Safari World.

Performance by Korean

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Symbol cartoons of Everland:


page 1--Lotte World

page 2---Nami Island

page 3---Jeju Island